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 A short review of the ikan RM3-43 Metal rack Unit

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PostSubject: A short review of the ikan RM3-43 Metal rack Unit   Tue Aug 05, 2008 11:18 am

The IKAN RM3-43 is a "Must Have" for owners of the NewTek TriCaster Studio, and Broadcast.

The NewTek TriCaster Studio and Broadcast are state of the art devices that mix up to 6 composite, component, Y/C or ( with the Broadcast version SDI ) It had hundreds of video transitions and lower thirds. It will stream live to the web, or record to it's internal DDR. It's an amazing piece of technology, but...

When the TriCaster is run in 6 camera mode, you loose the ISO monitors on the interface, leaving you to switch the preview bus to find your next shot.

IKAN to the rescue with their incredible RM3-43 monitors. This 19" 3RU triple monitor features awesomely clear pictures. The RM3-43 is a remarkably tiny ( 19 X 5 X 1.5" ) and stunningly light weight, ( 4.75 LBS. ) making the unit super easy to carry, and quick to set up. It's obvious a lot of thought went into designing this unit, as hardly a millimeter of the front panel seems wasted. The LCD screens are large ( 4.75" diagonal ) and have a wide viewing angle, and also swivel with in their rack mount brackets to make them even easier to view. Four large buttons under each screen open, and adjust the easy to read on screen menus. Also a nice feature professionals will appreciate; the power units have twist locks on the back of the monitors, as well as in line ac/dc converters. ( No "wall warts!" ) IKAN has also released the UniRack 3 ( will fit one RM3-43 ) and UniRack 5 ( will fit 2 RM3-43 ) open designed racks for easy desk top set up, while still allowing easy access to the cables.

Perhaps the best feature of all is the price. I don't know how these guys do it. Their quality is impeccable. You absolutely get your moneys worth with IKAN products.

Bob Anderson
Senior Technician
TS Computers and Video
NewTek TriCaster Dealer[img][/img]
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A short review of the ikan RM3-43 Metal rack Unit
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